"Dr. Dan Chesney rocks!  I strained my back skiing and got a same day apt with him.  He spent about an hour with me adjusting my spine, relaxing the tightened muscles & gave me a couple of stretches to keep limber.  He explained his diagnosis, told me how he was going to fix it & detailed every step with me as he did them.  I went from having shooting pain & not being able to ski at all, to getting back on the slopes & the black diamonds.  He saved the rest of my ski vacation.  I wish I could take him back to Pennsylvania with me."
- Tim B.

"Dr. Dan helped me get back on my bike in no time.  After suffering from really bad knee pain, he was able to diagnose, treat and solve the problem within just a few visits.  Thank you so much!"
- Tara C.

"Dr. Dan did amazing job getting rid of my neck pain!  I had been in pain for several days and couldn’t turn my neck.  After some gentle stretching and muscle work he adjusted me and the pain was gone!"
- Marie L.

"Relief!  That is the product offered by Dan Chesney at Alpine Chiropractic.  I have been treated sporadically over the past 10+ years for various misalignment and athletic related injuries.  Dan is terrific at identifying the source of the pain and making it go away.  He is gentle, caring and very knowledgeable.  Sometimes it takes only one or two appointments, sometimes it takes six.  In all cases, the problem was solved and relief from pain was delivered.  When you are hurting, Dan is the guy to see."
- Ginny C.

"Dr. Chesney has been my chiropractor since 2001.  His knowledge, skills and abilities are outstanding.  He knows the needs of each patient individually.  He has come in on his days off to help me.  His massage therapist is a great complement to the over-all treatment.  He has treated me for many work related injuries successfully.
The consistent individual attention by both Dr. Chesney and Dr. Bragg made for positive and timely results.  The education and explanation of a treatment allows me to better understand and participate in the healing.  The communication between their massage therapist and the Dr.’s allows for a more pinpoint treatment.
- Kurt M.

"Dear Dan,
I am contacting you to thank you for helping me on my visit following an injury to my knee while on vacation.  After twisting my knee over the weekend and knowing I had damaged it somehow, I was in pain and very stiff.  When my husband suggested visiting you, I was a bit reluctant wondering if that was the correct approach.  Being away from home with an injury was disconcerting to me.  I just want to tell you that it was the best thing I could have done!  I am convinced that I would not have been able to walk on my own if I had not seen you.  You worked my muscles to release the tension that had built up and then, after icing my knee, gently realigned my leg in a way that was not only not painful, but gave me immediate relief.  Thank you for the wonderful service you provide.
- Pam R.

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